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XI-XI or 11:11, is my second official Dhy-Lan release and is paying homage to the time I entered this world. This E.P. is the most pioneering risky forward thinking project I've ever produced. It infuses elements of Hip-hop, trap, TWRK, Soul, and funk into that true Dhy-Lan sound no one but Dhy-Lan could make. The album was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered over the past six months completely by me. Big thanks to everyone that has ever inspired me or shown support along the way. Here are some quick names of people off the top of my head I would like to personally thank...mom and dad of course, my sisters Madi and Quinn, my wonderful girlfriend Hannah, my boys Sam Eric Dak and Brock who listened to me make the whole album in my closet and showed nothing but support, positive feedback and direction. Thanks for not shooting me in the head late night when I would be chopping up the same sample for hours on end. Every person that ever watched my music videos or booked a show for me or made me food. Kanye n Diplo and all the other artists out there that influenced me over the years and taught me to follow my own path in music. Every person thats ever talked shit and said I couldn't rap and my style was wack. Truly thank you, all it did was drive me to prove you wrong. So with that please enjoy download for free and share with your friends. Just know there will always be more music from Dhy-Lan in the works and follow me on Facebook,twitter, ect.ect. you've all heard it a million times but it truly does help. Each follow counts and means a lot! And with all that said I present to you XI-Xi..!

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released August 23, 2013




Dhy-Lan Denver, Colorado

Dhy-Lan is an up and coming hip-hop and electronic rapper/producer/DJ from Denver, Colorado. This young triple threat is definitely on the come up and has great things in store. Be sure to catch him live and download all of his releases for free at Bandcamp or Soundcloud! ... more

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Track Name: Break Yo Heart (Watch Me)
Verse 1
Good day to be the don/smoking loud livin' strong/me myself and my microphone feelin' bankrupt as Enron/fuck it tho my mind gone/bout to get my high on/one time for Dave Chappelle without him there'd be no Dhy-Lan/I know that I chose that I'm ready for I'm focused/Y'all tried to leave me when it looked hopeless/ and now I'm telling you to hold this/ long dick cuz bitch I was born a mile high I was raised a mile high constantly stay a mile high/ until I die I am committed/ 5280 up on my fitted/ Y'all can't do this shit like I did it/ Y'all talk the shit while I live it/ Y'all block the shit while I hit/ Y'all got the shit and I'll get/if u don't believe me come visit or get the fuck up out my business/everyday up on my hustle/ using my mind and my muscle/20 zips up in my duffle/pray to god that I stay out of trouble/middle name Russell after my daddy/ rollin round town smoking on a fatty/ rollin round town in Bear Jew's caddy but when I think back that had to end badly/ I'm better then most/ luckier then a few/ I got some bitches thats down to screw/ anyone that they run into/ as long as you got that good from Peru/ you can get up in that belly like a Kangaroo/ so you can love this or hate this either way made it out of my basement
Verse 2
It'd all be so simple if I was rich but I'm not/It's okay I got more then most of y'all got/ I got meaning and purpose/dreams trying to surface and if this is the first time you heard this then you know this then you know that I deserve this/ I remember when you hated shit most of y'all still do/ lets take it back to where I grew up on 9th avenue/ and madison thats my sisters name to/gambling in this game I do/whats happening to this change i loose/whats happening to these dames that booze/all I know is imma get em one way or another/my flow hot as the summer/my weed louder then summer/I got that bump on the drummer/got that x on deck/and that upper playground blue dream/lookin something out of a movie scene/ bouncin round the stage like a trampoline/and these shows i'm never canceling/ cuz I came for it I earned this/ain't even make y'all purchase/ these tracks that you'll soon worship/don't this shit sound perfect/don't this shit sound debonaire don't this shit get live up in here/I made it out of my closet to maximize my profit what's up